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VSS SDK Version 3.2 - Software Development Kits Available !

Our Win/32 based SDK comes with our API delivered in an easy to use Active-X control. Coding examples are included for easy migration of our technology module into your applications using Visual Basic, C++. Our API also conforms to the BioAPI 2.0 / HAAPI 1.0 specifications through the use of a "wrapper" Library or DLL which you link to your application. These "wrappers" handle all of the COM messages between your program and the VSS API module.

The OCX control at the heart of the SDK is fully compatible with computer telephony and foreign language applications by allowing access to a layer which permits direct input from any WAV device or WAV formatted data buffer/files. This offers the greatest amount of flexibility for testing or custom sample capture dialogs when evaluating our voice authentication technology. Our engineering staff will work closely with you to ensure a successful product integration. Once your application is ready for deployment into the field, bulk end user licensing must be purchased for each copy of the softer, or each registered user on a database driven system.

Please Note: When installing on Windows 2000 and XP, or other systems where user security is enforced, the software should be installed AND INITIALLY RUN by the Administator to insure the proper creation of the LICENSE.DAT file. Failure to do so may result in other users not being able to access the OCX when they are logged in.

The VSS FreeKey®/Voice Protect® Verification Engine (Active-X control) included with the SDK can be unlocked by purchasing a Single Developer's License from our Online Store, or directly from this page by clicking the button below.

This license allows for unrestricted use of the OCX on a single machine. We offer 1 full year of upgrades past the registration date.

We also offer "VSS Certified" accessories such as microphones and headsets, VSS smart cards and smart card readers to help you build a secure, easy to use voice authentication solution.. When you're ready to deploy your solution, contact us for a private build of the Active-X component you can distribute with your application.

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