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Voice Security Systems Inc. can provide a custom integration for your existing hardware product. This includes a wide range of consumer gadgets like Remote Controls, Security Systems, Home Automation, Personal Computing Devices, Jewelry Boxes, Gun Safes, etc. Our exclusive technology integration allows the use of some of the smallest and most cost-effective speech processing chips in the world. Our patented scoring and template management system allows us to take advantage of advances in speech processing that have occurred in the past few years, such as the proliferation of Neural Network Computing, the use of Hidden Markov Models, and Wavlets. Our technology can be hosted on virtually any general purpose processor with existing A/D functionality which uses, at the very least, an 8 kHz 8-bit sample rate.

Generally, the cost of a custom hardware engineering project will be mostly incurred by the manufacturer during the prototype phase. We understand the hesitation one might have to commit a large amount of research and prototyping resources into an emerging technology such as biometrics.

To assist in getting a "proof-of-concept" prototype running as soon as possible with a minimal investment on the part of the manufacturer, we have available several "black-box" demonstration units.

Usually, the idea of a one-off custom integration for proof-of concept would be too costly for all but the largest companies to take on. It is a great "risk" to build a biometric prototype. Without experienced individuals to help you avoid the issues that come up when designing a speech interface. Without a clear game plan, the whole project can waste months of development time and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get the user interface right (probably the hardest part of the whole integration).

Don't spend extra money reinventing the wheel ! Our engineers have over 20 years experience in linguistics, digital speech processing and computer telephony. We have spent the past year researching and building several reusable prototype units that fit in the palm of your hand. They can be mounted on a wall and wired to a variety of appliances. All of them have RS232 diagnostic output available and are 90% completed and ready to be customized. All we need is a few weeks of time and your brilliant application of the technology ! The units can be integrated into virtually any electronic device in need of non-transferable security features.

Should you decide to contract VSS to assist in the design of your NEW product, the cost incurred for the evaluation license, creation, and design of the prototype is credited 100% (up to $10,000) towards your initial purchase of a Bulk User License PAK , which is required for licensed distribution into the commercial marketplace. Any additional cost incurred though contracting VSS engineering to assist with prototyping efforts will depend on several factors including:

  • VSS Engineering resources required to complete the prototype assembly and firmware loading.
  • The amount of design work VSS will be responsible for to ensure a clean, simple user interface.
  • Any support in the form of database analysis, assistance with microphone placement and selection of a speech chip.
  • The cost of the goods themselves (roughly $10-20 USD add on per unit).
  • The number of user/device licenses purchased during the first year.

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