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Licensing Program:
Voice Security Systems Inc. issues licenses per seat and/or per hardware unit basis. There are no "metered" plans available, however you can strategically purchase license PACKs to reduce the costs per user as your user base grows over time. The larger the PACK you buy, the lower the per-seat end-user license costs.

Developer Licenses can be obtained for $199.95 USD per developer, per machine at the VSS online store.

*Please read the "Terms" section for details regarding required annual renewal of certain EULA license grants.

Some cryptography products cannot be exported outside the US. While no current restrictions exist on the export of our biometric technology at this time, it is not an encryption method. The templates generated by an enrollment, could be used to seed a cryptographic algorithm with a fuzzy logic key, making it virtually impossibly for anyone but the authentic owner of the private key to release it from a certificate store. Be aware that sanctions could be imposed at any time by the US Government without notice. We are continuing to pursue worldwide patent protection in countries where our technology is marketed and deployed.

Once licensees specify the identification and security requirements and objectives required for specific development purposes, the necessary engineering, design and development may be obtained from suggested research and development ether in-house or on an out-sourced basis.

The same quantity / discount percentage scale applies to ALL VSS licensing; however, Developer Licenses do not expire. Other types of licenses which have no expiration (one-time-fee) are:

Hardware Devices containing the technology on an embedded chip. This license is nontransferable and nonrenewable. Certain devices which are capable of authenticating multiple users are subject to one (1) license per user supported.

For Smart Cards and Smart Tokens hosting our technology, license is sold per card / token. This license is nontransferable and nonrenewable. If the card or token is lost, damaged or stolen, a new license is "issued" each time a card is distributed by our card manufacturing associates. Since these cards are typically produced in large blocks of 100,000 or more, price adjustments automatically happen due to the arrangement of our quantity discount scale.

Service based applications which use a database to store biometric information generated by VSS products in a client/server or telephony service are audited and billed quarterly based upon the maximum number of registered users on the system(s) during that 3 month period.

Since the identification functions involved are relatively constant, it is anticipated that standard speaker verification integration and identification systems will be produced in larger numbers and that integration will be facilitated and augmented by VOICE SECURITY SYSTEMS alliances and clients and associates.

We believe our discount schedule is very fair while remaining aggressive at the high end when compared to others in the industry. Each project will differ in size and scope and must be negotiated individually. For licensing information regarding a specific commercial product, please contact our Head Quarters using the address and/or phone numbers at the bottom of this page.


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