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Voice Security Systems Inc. was formed in 1999 to market products resulting from research and development of internally developed voice authentication technology. The concept originated with the idea of a voice controlled garage door opener. This led to other aspects of the initial security device. The challenge to producing this technology in a self-contained, microprocessor based access control firmware has always been one of cost. Voice authetication technology is still in it's infancy, othen requiring dedicated processors and large memory storage devices for the software and templates. Undertaking the process of reducing the software and template sizes, and developing the microprocessor architecture, posed many challenges to this new company.

Over two decades years of research and development by our engineers resulted in FreeKey®/Voice Protect®, a technology that is innovative and cutting-edge. The founders of Voice Security Systems Inc. applied for their first US Patent in 1997 and were awarded US Patent 5,835,894 in November 1998. Voice Security Systems Inc. was also awarded US Patent 6,161,094 in December 2000 and US Patent 6,519,565 in February 2003. Voice Security Systems Inc. holds all exclusive rights to this intellectual property.

At Voice Security System Inc., over two decades of research and development has lead us to believe that the explosive speech processing market is here to stay. Our patented FreeKey®/Voice Protect® method of biometric voice authentication is ideally suited for low memory, database independent applications using smart cards or other physical devices such as cell phones. Due to the value of biometric security for use in fraud prevention, and the added convenience of knowing a person is who they claim to be, we believe speaker verification will be widely accepted by the consumer market.

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