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At Voice Security Systems we understand the value of working together with those who share our vision and commitment, and who can help us provide a complete solution to control access to electronic devices, networks & web sites. We are working with the following companies and organizationsa to deliver biometric security solutions for today's applications and totally new concepts leading us into the future of personal security.

Austec Electronics (NZ) LtdZeitControl cardsystems GmbH Versatile Card Technology Inc. Biometric CentricCable & Wireless Enhanced Solutions ProviderSun Microsystems BusinessNation.com - Small Business Center Internet Science and Technology Fair - Winner 2001-2002 ! Litronic IBM Cicso Symantec

If you are interested in adding speaker verification to your application(s), we would like to discuss the details of what is needed to add our technology to your product(s). In many cases this can be a software only addition if the support hardware is already in place (such as the case with a cell phone). We believe we can offer a very portable solution that fits well into many different applications running on virtually any type of hardware or software platform in production today. We are actively seeking strategic alliances with product manufacturers, suppliers, and technology representatives from various industries to assist us in licensing and deploying our technology.

We have registered several trademarks which we hope will provide manufacturers with a recognizable moniker; FreeKey® and Voice Protect®. These are displayed on a product to provide brand recognition. The presence of these trademark symbols will indicate that the device is protected by a VSS certified biometric speech technology. We believe recognizable symbols will deter theft and/or fraudulent use of electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs and laptop computers before it's too late. From strategic alliances to application and electronics manufacturers, VSS wants to work with you to grow your business and optimize your voice enabled applications.

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