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Voice authentication is a major factor in the United States Prison Systems and Criminal Systems, in that it is used to verify parolees through telephone systems, tracks inmates calls through a verification system. Banks and financial institutions also have embraced the voice verification technology.

The current method of utilizing voice verification require a person to enroll his or her voice using a predetermined phrase or "password". This enrollment process entails the user to repeat the phrase three or more times. These "utterances" are recorded and stored as templates on a host computer system's storage device. After enrolling successfully, the user may verify and if authenticated, may gain access to the particular device.

The software for testing the voice templates, and the templates are stored on a computer and the user must gain access to the computer to begin the verification process.

FreeKey®/Voice Protect® technology eliminates the database management, and its related costs. The software and the templates are part of the microprocessor residing in the device itself. The cell phone can perform the authentication process without the call to the database! The actual hand set can verify the user and give access without any outside intervention. The ATM card can contain the templates and eliminate PIN# management.

FreeKey®/Voice Protect® technology saves time, costs, and potential down time related to outside processors and databases. The cost savings for an air time provider can be substantial. FreeKey®/Voice Protect® can be licensed on an exclusive basis or in small projects on a per unit or per seat basis. The administrator of the air time provider may set the default re-verify times as they see fit, usually at the time of a battery change.

Voice Security Systems eliminates completely the requirement for managing databases of templates, thereby increasing security to the devices!

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