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Taken from the Greek 'Bio' meaning life, and 'Metric' the measure of, Biometrics is the measure (study) of life. Humans, plants and animals.

Biometric technologies are defined as "automated methods of identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person based on a physical or behavioral characteristic." Unique physical traits, such as fingerprints, iris scans, voiceprints, faces, signatures or the geometry of the hand, can be used. All of those technologies share a methodology involving enrollment and verification. At enrollment, the person offers a "live sample" of the biometric, such as a fingerprint. This is canned electronically, processed and stored as a template.

To confirm the identity at a future time, the individual presents the live sample, which is matched against the stored template. In a "1:many" search, the individual presents only the live sample, and the database is searched for a match. This is called identification. In a "1:1" search, the user presents a name or personal identification number along with the live sample. The system checks the live sample only against samples stored under that name or PIN. This is called verification or authentication. Source: DOD Biometrics Management Office

Voice Security Systems is responsible for an innovative method of security that dramatically reduces fraud and can insure ones property from use, if stolen, or obtained fraudulently. On September 11 th 2001 The world changed forever, We now know that security is the number one priority in our life’s. Fraud is the USA’s number one problem and rapidly spreading throughout the world.

Opportunities present for Voice Security Systems Inc. are, the Banking Industry the Personal Computer Industry and the Department of Defense, represent just a few industries that will benefit from Voice Security Systems Inc.

The technology used by Voice Security Systems Inc. originally began development in 1989 as research to develop a user-friendly voice authentication technology for a very low cost. This concept originated in an idea for a voice controlled garage-door opener. During this conceptualization, the security aspects of other voice controlled security devices emerged. Soon the personalized biometric security issue became the center of our efforts. The technology of using voice prints for authentication was in its infancy, requiring expensive DSP processors and large storage requirements for the software and voice template storage.

Over 20 years of research and development of this technology resulted in a newly patented technology (US Patent 5,835,894 , US Patent 6,161,094, US Patent 6,519,565). Voice Security Systems Inc. invented a process that utilizes the self-contained, microprocessor based access control technology. This technology is used to activate electronic devices, doors, etc. using a voice command that will ONLY work for the authenticated individual. This technology is referred to as FreeKey®/Voice Protect® technology.

This new breakthrough allows speaker-verification to be burned onto an existing microprocessor within a device. Examples of usage of this technology are cell phones (to eliminate cell phone fraud), ATM manufacturers (to eliminate pin # fraud) and automobile manufacturers (to dramatically reduce theft and carjacking).

This method is the only stand-alone technology that does not require large user database management, thus protecting the privacy of the user and shier biometric data. The software, algorithms and templates can be stored on the microprocessor that a device already employs to operate the functions of the electronic hardware inside.

Voice Security Systems Inc.'s approach to fraud prevention is currently the simplest, most cost-effective and reliable Biometric security method currently available. Obtaining a voice template only requires a simple microphone or telephone. Because the Intellectual Property can be hardware-based, it does not require expensive equipment to enable it to operate, it does not require extensive redesigning for each application, nor does it require any costly administrative or maintenance expenses to keep it operational. The only costs are one-time, non-recurring engineering event. "

"Biometric technologies - those that use..voice.. - will be the most important IT innovations of the next several years. "
-Bill Gates at Gartner Group Itexpo '97

Marketing of the technology will begin with the cellular industry. The industry is suffering tremendous losses and will reap the most dramatic savings. There are currently approx. 5.3 billion cellular subscribers.

The global market for cellular usage is staggering: parts of China and the African continent are NOT hardwiring for phone usage, they are developing a cellular presence only!

The beneficiaries of this technology will be the air time providers, that will in turn, be marketing the manufacturer's of the cell device that is delivered with this technology. This makes Voice Security a sound business decision for all components of this industry.

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