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Voice Security Systems Inc. can provide samples of our proprietary "on-chip" verification application using the VSS Debit Card. The programming on this card illustrates how a layered biometric on a smart card can provide an additional layer of security for LARGE purchases on a credit or debit card. This sample card will also work with the generic PC-Based smart card utility applications included with the VSS SDK Version 3.2.

In addition to our ISO smart card integration services, we also offer a contact-less / hybrid (both contact AND contact-less in the same token) solution complete with an onboard biometric engine. These security tokens/cards are being used by the US and other government agencies for use in expediting people through customs at major international airports. The security token is capable of storing e-cash in a highly secure manner. The token keeps an internal audit trail of it's transactions to resolve disputes should a data error occur during a transmission session. The manufacturer is a pioneer in the contact-less chip industry and has been building smart chips for over 10 years.

The contact-less card is securely organized and well protected though encrypted RF. There is no battery to wear out as it is powered by the low frequency field of the receiving antenna. These tokens run at a considerably higher speed than a standard smart card resulting in an almost instant "onboard" decision as to the authenticity of the speaker. The tokens are already integrated with virtually every biometric authentication procedure to allow a layered solution to be easily created.

When using a contact-less token with voice authentication, the user simply speaks their phrase into the card terminal where it is converted to a set of unique features for that individual for the particular phrase that was spoken. The terminal indicates the sample is ready via a light , LCD display or bell, (this happens instantaneously). The user then simply passes their token over the antenna and the entire transaction, including a biometric authentication is performed in a few seconds on board the token itself, without any of the biometric data ever being read back into the terminal. When combined with a PC, there is a mechanism to avoid "man-in-the-middle" attacks, since each terminal contains a security SIM chip which can be cross verified by both the PC application and the token itself. Likewise, the reader can authenticate the token and client software, while the token and software validate each other. The contact-less terminal can communicate with more than one token at a time. Two tokens can be placed in the RF field of a single contact-less terminal to provide a biometric based secure token-to-token transfer of funds.

We also can provide custom solutions using a contact less device in a flexible form factor upon request These security tokens can withstand extreme operating temperatures and actually OPERATE even while submerged in boiling water or in a block of ice. There is a lot of progress being made in this area. VSS has plans to introduce several "proprietary" smart card concept applications based on our ultra-compact voice authentication technologies by the end of the year.

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