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"Keypad Security with FreeKey®/Voice Protect® Technology "
More About This Demonstration - Important notes:
  • Only Micrsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (Firefox and Safari do not support Active-X)
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Windows compatible microphone calibrated, (may use NetMeeting for calibration).
  • You can use the Enroll and Verify buttons for ease of use or use the embedded keypad commands to add/remove/test multiple users.
  • Wait for the green light in the lower left hand corner of the pad before speaking your pass phrase.
  • Your phrase should be approximately 2 seconds in length. (Phone number or email address should work well).
  • If all else fails, try singing to it! (singing from memory improves repeatability)




    IMPORTANT: As this is a demonstration, leaving this page will DELETE any ENROLLED USERS you have created!!!

    Click here for keypad instructions or to enroll more than 3 users...

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