Voice Security Systems, Inc.
The Voice of Choice


Voice Security Systems' FreeKey® / Voice Protect® speaker verification technology uses a person's voice print to uniquely identify individuals using biometric speaker verification technology. Speech is processed through a non-contact method; you do not need to see or to touch the person to be able to recognize them. The popularity of speaker verification has swiftly grown because speech easy to obtain without the addition of dedicated hardware. Improved, robust speech recognition algorithms and device hardware have also brought this one-time futuristic idea into the present. At Voice Security System, Inc., over three decades of research and development has proven that the explosive speech processing market is here to stay. Our patented FreeKey® /Voice Protect® method of biometric voice authentication is ideally suited for low memory, database independent applications using smart cards or other physical devices such as cell phones. Due to the value of biometric security for use in fraud prevention, and the added convenience of knowing a person is who they claim to be, we believe speaker verification will become more widely accepted by the consumer market.

Voice Security Systems, Inc. can deliver biometric security technology to the market at a lower cost than anyone else in the industry, with no re-occurring maintenance costs such as database management or complicated user training. Once the FreeKey® /Voice Protect® technology is built into a product it will continue to function independently for the life of the product.