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Please use the following links to access our legal agreements and working document templates available for public download.

Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) - If you have an idea or application you would like to discuss in detail with our engineering and/or sales team, please print and return two signed copies of this document to our main office (the address at the bottom of this page). We will sign both and return a copy to you. Be sure to include your return address. The purpose of this document is to foster communication and progress regarding new projects, while providing protection for both VSS and YOU regarding the dissemination of any proprietary, copyrighted or patented information to unauthorized third parties.

Download Mutual NDA (Adobe Acrobat PDF Format)

Download Mutual NDA (HTML Format)

Requirement Definition (RD) - The next step in developing your idea or specific application would be to lay out the requirements so the engineering staff can estimate resources and the sales team can formulate a marketing plan. Use this document as a template to properly scope of the application which will make use of one of our speech technologies. The RD is joint effort, so you don't have to fill it out completely the first time. However, you should try to be as detailed as possible to avoid any "surprises" later in the project. When finished, submit your requirements to our main office via mail, fax, or e-mail and someone will contact you regarding your integration. If your project shows merit, VSS will work with you to put together a business case, development plan and licensing schedule for your product. Feel free to submit your own requirement document if your company already uses a format you are comfortable with.

Download Requirement Definition (Microsoft Word Format)

Design Document (DD) - Once the requirements have been agreed upon, the formal design process can begin. This document will serve as a guide which will ultimately contain all the information regarding the detailed design of the feature and/or product including schematics, programming techniques, hardware selection, cost of Goods estimates, production run schedules, etc.

Download Design Document (Microsoft Word Format)

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