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"Grover Industries Enters Into Alliance With Voice Security Systems"


Dana Point, Calif.óDec 14th 2000, Voice Security Systems

Voice Security Systems Inc. is proud to announce another alliance with an innovative voice company to prove better solutions for our customers needs in the ever-changing Biometric industry. The additional technology and expertise will provide Voice Security Systems Inc. with the software resources to better serve our PC based clients by providing solutions to many of the conditions and situations that occur in ever day life. We are consantly searching for not only privacy and convenience features but the ability to build a better access control with a simple and easy speaker verification option.

Grover Industries is a leader in PC friendly user applications for voice recognition with many awards from ListSoft software catalog, http://www.WebAttach.com, TUCOWS Golden Calf Award, http://www.ROCKETDOWNLOAD.com and many more.

The latest products the Noel Grover CEO of Grover Industries has introduced are Web-Talklt v1.2, VoiceNet VRS 2000, and VoiceSecurelt 2000. These products are the latest generation of voice recognition and speaker verification login for you own personal use. Purchase of these technologies can be made after installing the trial version by simply downloading from the web page. We think that you will enjoy any selection that you may choose. This interesting and award winning technology can be downloaded at http://www.groverind.com .

In 2003, the biometrics business is expected to smash through the $1 billion USD mark. Fingerprint technology is racing ahead and today represents just over 50% of revenue generated. All the technologies are, however, growing in popularity.

The fastest growing application area is the general computing sector (PC/Network/Intranet/e-commerce security), which is expected to overcome physical access control as the biggest sector in 2001-2002. Geographically, North America still leads the world, but the fastest growing sector is Asia, which will have overtaken Europe in terms of revenue by 2003. We here at Voice Security Systems Inc. see a vast and profitable future in voice authentication as a safe, sane, secure, personalized solution to your every day needs in access control and personal digital privacy.

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