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"Cell Phone Fraud a Thing of the Past?"


New Patent to Fight "Cloning," Unauthorized Use of Voice Devices September 20, 1999 (INB) -- In 1997, the wireless industry lost $643 million due to fraud in the United States alone, according to the trade publication WORLD OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS (August 1999), representing 1.4 percent of total industry revenues. Now, manufacturers and users of cellular phones and other voice technology products have a new tool in the fight against fraud, thanks to a newly patented technology from Voice Security Systems, Inc. Voice Protect® technology, Invented by Voice Security Systems Inc., is an innovative security measure that dramatically reduces fraud and can safeguard voice devices from misuse, if stolen or obtained fraudulently.

Voice Security Systems Inc. believes the cell phone industry will be the greatest beneficiary of her technology. "The industry is suffering tremendous losses, and will reap the most dramatic savings from Voice Protect®. There are currently 78 million cell phones in use in the United States alone. The global market for cellular usage is staggering: parts of China and the African continent are NOT hardwiring for phone usage -- they are developing a cellular presence only. There is a tremendous need for simple, affordable technology to protect these devices from fraudulent usage.

Voice Protect® technology may be embodied on self-contained, microprocessor-based access control technology. This new breakthrough allows speaker-verification to be burned onto existing microprocessors used within a device. This method is the only biometric technology of it's type, operating as a stand-alone system that does not require database management of a large set of biometric samples. The software, algorithms and user's biometric information is all stored on the microprocessor that the device already employs to operate its functions.

Voice Security Systems Inc.'s approach to fraud prevention is currently the simplest, most cost-effective and personable biometric security method currently available. Obtaining a voice template only requires a simple microphone or telephone. Because our intellectual property can be hardware-based, it does not require expensive external equipment to enable it to operate, nor does it require extensive re-design for each new application. Furthermore, it does not require any costly administrative or maintenance expenses to keep it operational. The only costs are a one-time, non-recurring engineering fee."

There is little doubt that biometric security is one of the most important areas of technology development. At the Gartner Group's ITExpo '97, Bill Gates said, "Biometric technologies - those that use... voice... - will be the most important IT innovations of the next several years." Voice Security is poised to take advantage of this trend and help voice technology manufacturers at the same time. For more information on Voice Protect®, visit Voice Security Systems Inc. online at

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