Voice Security Systems, Inc.
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Our Mission:

Voice Security Systems, Inc. is a biometric technology licensing company. It's mission is to pioneer the introduction and adoption of voice authentication technology into the mainstream consumer and security markets.

Voice Security Systems' business model consists of
1) Technology licensing
2) Strategic alliances for the design and manufacturing of products.
3) Continued research into new and upcoming technologies related to biometric, security and computer speech processing.

Company Profile:

Voice Security Systems, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation with it's main office located at 24591 Seth Circle, Dana Point, CA. 92629. Voice Security Systems holds US Patents #5,835,894, #6,161,094, #6,519,565 and #9,043,210 for Speaker Verification Command and Control, with international protection in China Europe and Japan. This technology allows biometric authentication of individuals / users using personalized spoken commands that are filtered to reject backround noise and spoken utterances for all but a single individual.

Voice Security Systems' patented concepts have now been augmented through the research and development of various complimentary technologies. This important work has been accomplished by development partners, and licensees. The resultant product is projected as a uniquely reliable, robust, and cost-efficient solution for adding biometric authentication / activation features to a vast array of consumer and security products.

Integrating many proprietary and trade secret features with the latest advances in speech and chip technology allows Voice Security Systems, Inc. to play an important role in the rapidly expanding field of biometric identification technology.

Voice Security Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of self-contained, microprocessor based access control technology, referred to as FreeKey® / Voice Protect® technology. This allows speaker verification integration into individual devices. Applications will include remote controls, cellular phones, even home security. Absent are large database management and the costs associated. Developers of microprocessor based command and control features will find that integration of VSS’s speaker verification technologies allows them ample room and efficiencies, due to the unique algorithm and reduced template size.

Company Differentiation:

Voice Security Systems, Inc. holds a position as a proven global market leader in speaker verification terchnology, with the industry's “first” speaker verification implementation delivered in a compact, self-contained device.

Customer Profiles: A Global Marketing Approach Designed to Attract:

  • Smart card manufacturers (Litronic, Gem Plus, Zeit Control, Schlumberger, SAGEM, etc.)
  • Security Token Providers (On Track Innovations, Rainbow, eAladdin, etc.)
  • Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  • Online document storage and retrieval companies (EMC, etc.)
  • Cable & wireless service providers
  • PDA and Handheld PC manufacturers
  • Computer manufacturers
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Environmental control systems manufacturers (Trane, Honeywell, G.E., etc.)
  • Home automation providers


The market for speaker verification continues to expand, as more and more industries embrace the technology and the potential to dramatically reduce and in some cases to eliminate fraud. Current technology provides solutions which allow ther to be no need to carry money, keys, credit cards or identification cards. Devices that automatically identify a person from speech patterns have become commonplace. Your voice permits you to access secure buildings, allow for electronic access to networks, and be the basis for secure phone applications such as bank-by-phone, access to cloud based services. lock your car and start your car's engine with the sound of your voice, and the door to your home or office can be unlocked in the same way. Using a discreet, personalized voice command on a mobile device at the nearest café; could eliminate the need for more complex sensing devices or the exchange of PII. It is not be surprising to see asomeone pay for a cup of cappuccino with a "card-less credit card". Securing that transaction through MFA using the microphone already built into every mobile phone, no fingerprint scanner, camera for facial recognition, personal identification number (PIN) or wallet would be needed; just your voice!