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VSS SDK 3.2 Single Developer License ($199.95 USD - Free shipping via email)



Speaker Verification System

Only your voice is required to lock/unlock your door.

  • This model wired directly to a vehicles door button Lock/Unlock signals, a CAN-BUS adapter, or internal key FOB.
  • Also configurable as an add-on control of virtually any remote controlled "smart lock" installed on an exterior dorrs.
  • Weatherproof microphone installed externally on the vehicle.
  • Mountable button with separate or internal status indicator LED.
  • Interface harness for connecting to vehicle's power and control lines.
  • Low power sleep mode when not in use.
  • Audio wakeup mode activates with your voice.
  • Mute audio signal for controlling external audio devices.
  • Independent lock, unlock and ground to arm/disarm (GTA) signal lines.
  • Installer configurable lock/unlock signal pulse length, single or double pulse signal.
  • Installer configurable lock/unlock signal output (via common input line).
  • Admin configurable prompt modes (silent, normal or friendly).
  • Admin configurable security levels (low, normal or high).
  • Up to 5 users (2 Admin, 3 Standard).
  • Dimensions: 125 x 50 x 25 mm (5 x 2 x 1 inches).
  • Compatibility: +6 to 24 volt, 50mA, negative ground DC power.
  • Professional installation strongly recommended.

Free yourself from keys with FREEKEY®.

Accidentally locked your keys in your car?
Can't find your keys?
Can't easily get to your keys when arms are full?
Want to leave your keys safely locked in your vehicle so they don't get lost or stolen during sporting activities?
(hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, surfing, swimming, etc.)


Integrate with virtually any existing system that can be operated by an electronic button or switch.

Conveniently and securely LOCK or UNLOCK your door

FREEKEY® SVM 5.04 ($299.95 USD - single unit)

Wholesale lot of ten of FREEKEY® SVM 5.03 for distributors and fleet owners.

Integrate with virtually any existing system that can be operated by an electronic button or switch.

FREEKEY® SVM 5.04 DL10 ($2995.99 USD - case of 10 units)