Voice Security Systems, Inc.
The Voice of Choice

Brad Clements

Brad Clements currently serves as the Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer for VOICE SECURITY SYSTEMS INC.

With over 30 years of practical hands-on experience in the technical development, programming and support of computerized hardware and software as they directly relate to voice technology, Mr. Clements has worked in the development of voice algorithms used in the VSS Intellectual Property. In addition to research and development, Mr. Clements continues to meet with many industry standard and government entities such as military advisors at Andrews Air Force Base, the Biometrics Management Office, The Navy Federal Credit Union, N.A.S., and Cambridge University among others. Mr. Clements has continued development in emerging technologies, and applications of the Intellectual Property that now include a smartcard based biometric Match-On-Card technology for logging into Windows using voice and over 3 major upgrades to the VSS Software Development Kit.

At VSS, Mr. Clements' primary responsiblities are to direct Research & Development, modernization and application of the Intellectual Property as computer and electronic technology keeps advancing at an ever-increasing rate. Mr. Clements' other strengths have drawn from past career experience, including the conversion of English applications into multi-lingual and localized speech applications on several continents. Mr. Clements directly oversees project planning, team management and production, right down to providing technical support to end users and engineers at a personal level. He continues to fabricate many electronic voice prototypes as well as performing the maintainence of the VSS company website and online sales and support.